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TJSVerify is a licensed private investigations company based in Northern Virginia. We were established in 2020 by veteran international private investigator Thomas Smith to provide expert investigations services to clients facing complex problems. We assist clients throughout Virginia, the DC metropolitan area, and internationally.

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We Find Answers.

TJSVerify is a professional private investigations company based in Fairfax County, Virginia. We provide expert investigations and private intelligence services to clients locally, nationally, and internationally.


Our clients include family offices, private individuals, law firms, and businesses of all sizes. We help them prevail in litigation, uncover fraud, find assets, unravel complex family disputes, locate the missing, and find answers to the most difficult questions.

Founder and President Thomas Smith has led investigations on six continents, helped clients recover millions of dollars in assets, win million dollar judgments, and avoid multi-million dollar regulatory penalties. Our partners include former Federal law enforcement officers, intelligence specialists, forensic accountants, and diplomats.

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Our Expertise


We investigate fraud, theft, embezzlement, intellectual property infringement, product diversion, short seller and negative public relations campaigns, and other sensitive matters that threaten your business or your reputation. Whether you are a small business owner or an executive at a Fortune 500 company, we are here to assist you.


We help our clients solve the toughest problems of all – those involving their families and loved ones. Whether it’s finding the missing, assisting with complex and high-net-worth divorce, or unraveling disputes involving inheritance or property, we offer a respectful ear and real solutions. We regularly assist those who have never hired a private investigator before, and offer free initial consultations to explain the process and explore possible solutions. It all begins with a phone call or email.


For attorneys and parties to litigation, we are reliable partners that help you ask the right questions, locate the right witnesses, and obtain crucial evidence. We specialize in complex matters, including multi-jurisdictional civil lawsuits, arbitration before international bodies, complex family disputes, and criminal and regulatory defense.


TJSVerify has experience working in more than 40 countries. Our Partners and associates include international law enforcement, diplomats, and intelligence specialists who help us work where others cannot. We specialize in conducting investigations in  hotspot and difficult jurisdictions, including Russia, Ukraine, and throughout the Middle East. Our experience abroad includes anti-corruption, international missing and death investigations, insurance, and other complex matters.

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What Sets Us Apart

Experience, Value, Professionalism

Responsive and Reliable

Our clients are busy people, facing complex and unique situations. We make it our goal to design bespoke proposals that address specific needs, remain within budgetary constraints, and deliver relevant answers. We are honest about our capabilities, the methods that we use, and the likelihood of success.

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Worldwide Experience

TJSVerify is based in Northern Virginia, but our experience and capabilities extend worldwide. A complex case rarely stays contained in your own backyard, and we have the skills and the network to find the information you need even in the most challenging jurisdictions.

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Professional, Ethical, Discreet

Our firm adheres to the highest standards of professional ethics, and we take care to ensure that the privacy of our clients is completely protected. In line with our commitment to transparency and professional ethics, we brief our clients meticulously on the investigative methods we employ. We work to ensure that all investigations are conducted with the utmost discretion and professionalism, and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

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